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Their love was forbidden and doomed to failure.

A romance set in a world where slavery is government run and slaves are fitted with microchips.

Savannah, fleeing a turbulent relationship, seeks solace at her brother's country farmhouse.  It's there that she meets Kayden; her brother's slave who's considered less than human. These two damaged souls form an unbreakable bond, one that's about to be tested, because Kayden is her brother's property and he will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

Please note this book contains some sexual scenes, violence and strong language.

From the moment I read the first paragraph, I was intrigued to say the least. I hadn't read the synopsis when I started the book so I didn't know what to expect. Written primarily from Savannah's POV we're shown a world where slavery is modern day is the norm. Leaving the bustling town of London and a bad relationship behind, Savannah goes to live with her brother. With slavery being more common in the English countrywide, Savannah learns more about slavery and how their treated. She's not accustomed to or a fan or the idea of having slaves and is shocked to learn that her brother is a slave owner. Savannah befriends her brother's slave, Kayden, and feels an instant attraction to him.

Kayden, born a slave, is drawn to Savannah's wholesomeness and kind heart. She's not like the other "humans" he's dealt with and he falls for her almost instantly. Drawn to each other, they spend as much time together as they can while Savannah's brother is away from home. Unfortunately, when her brother, Sam, finds out Savannah learns that her brother will do anything to keep them apart and that he will not tolerate a relationship between the two of them.

Savannah was a wonderful heroine with a pure heart and Kayden was a gentle man trapped in a cruel world. Their love is quite simple which makes it so special. The back story was quite interesting. Modern day slavery was not a concept I had come across yet and I enjoyed how Michelle Abbott presented it to the audience. I found myself feeling for the main characters and the as they loved and suffered for that love. In Chains was a delightful romance.

This Naughty Mom gives In Chains by Michelle Abbott 4 stars and a 'kuddos' for a wonderful story.

We're in the corner of a large field.  A rusty old caravan rests on bricks, there's cardboard where a window should be, the glass must have got smashed I guess.  In front of the caravan is a large bonfire and from the light of the flames I can make out two men and a woman sitting around it.

The woman stands up and runs towards us.  Even dressed in rags she's beautiful.  Curvy, with long legs and a tiny little waist, long ebony curls tumble down her back.  She flings her arms around Kayden and he lifts her off her feet and spins her around, then smiles down at her.

Oh I'm so stupid.  I thought he liked me but she's obviously his girlfriend.  If she isn't I can see he wants her to be.  Why did I come here?  I should have gone to the movies.  Turning around I start to walk back the way we came.  He's too busy talking to her; he won't even notice I'm gone.  I don't know how I'm going to get home in the dark, I'm going to get lost and Simon will have to send out a search party, they probably won't find me until morning.  May eyes fill with tears as I stumble blindly.  I hear footsteps behind me and they Kayden is in front of me, his hands on my shoulders.  "Where you going Savannah?"

"Home.  Enjoy the picnic."

"What's wrong?  What have I done?  I'm sorry."

Ugh, I don't want to tell him.  I'm too ashamed to admit that I thought he liked me.  Maybe I can pretend I'm not feeling well but then he'll have to walk me back and I'll know that he'll wish he could've stayed here with her.  That'll make me feel more stupid.  I've got no choice, I'm going to have to put a brave face on this.  It'll only be for a couple of hours, then I can go home and cry. I'll avoid Kayden after tonight.  "I'm fine."  I put on my best fake smile.  "I thought I'd left something at home but now I remember it's in the bag."

He puts his arm around my shoulder and we walk back over to the others.  This is the last time I'll ever feel his hands on me.  Maybe I should be making the most of it, but I can't.  We sit down around the fire with them.  They're looking at me but no one is saying a word.  Finally Kayden speaks.  "This is Savannah.  She's my owner's sister."

The beautiful one looks at him, her eyes wide.  "You call her by name Kade?"  Oh they are so definitely dating.  She's shortened his name; I can never call him that now.  She obviously thinks we've got close.  So did I.  We're both wrong.

"She told me to call her that."

I close my eyes.  I don't want to hear anymore.  He was obviously happy calling me Miss and keeping his distance.  I should have left things as they were.  I should never have asked for his help with the eggs.  Should've, would've could've.  I tune out the rest of their conversation and look around at my companions.  The guy sitting opposite looks a couple of years younger than me.  He has the same blue and brown eyes and dark hair as Kayden but this guy's hair is longer, wavy and flopping into his eyes.  He notices me looking at him.  "The names Trent.  Nice to meet you Miss."

I'm about to tell him to call me Savannah but I made that mistake with Kayden, so I keep my mouth shut.  "Nice to meet you too."

I look to the other guy.  He's about my age.  He's shirtless and lean and toned like Kayden.  His hair is shaved closed to his scalp but what distinguishes him the most are the scars and bruises all over his face and body and the think metal collar around his neck.  There are scars on his arms that look like someone has carved letters into his skin with a knife.  Looking closer I see they are in fact letters.  FUK on his bicep and U on his forearm, is it supposed to be 'fuck you'.  I quickly close my mouth, suddenly aware that I've been gawping at him.  He's glaring at me.  His eyes are hard and glacial.  Nervous, I turn towards a friendlier face, Trent's.

He's pouring liquid from a plastic bottle into some tin mugs and he hands one to me.  Putting it to my lips, my eyes water, it smells like paint stripper.  I can't get past the smell to be able to drink the contents.  "What is this?"

Trent sniggers.  "It's home-made potato wine Miss.  It's ninety percent proof, so go easy."

Everyone else is drinking it, so I hold my nose and take a mouthful of the foul smelling liquid. Oh God, my throat is on fire!  Coughing and spluttering I can feel Kayden rubbing my back.  "It takes some getting used to Savannah."

I take another mouthful, not looking at him.  I'm in the mood to get drunk.  His hand still rests on my back.  What's his game?  Is he using me to make his girlfriend jealous?  Now I'm being ridiculous, I couldn't make her jealous if I tried.  I guess the alcohol has given me confidence and I tell him to take his hand off my back.  He does now he's frowning at me.

"I've brought some food."  I open the cool bag.  "There's eggs, crisps, peanut butter sandwiches and muffins.  Help yourselves."

Kayden leands towards me.  "Thank you," he says softly.

I just nod.  I'm still not looking at him but I can feel his eyes burning into the side of my face. Trent and the beauty queen dive into the food.  The guy with the collar just looks at it, he seems pissed off.  Kayden isn't eating anything either.  I had no intention of having any, I can get food anytime.

Kayden leans in towards me again.  "The girl's name is Kaci and-"

I don't let him finish.  Standing up I walk away from the fire and light a cigarette.  I don't want to know her damn name.  Kaci and Kayden, even their names are perfect for each other.  Pinching the bridge of my nose I want to go back home more than ever.  I finish smoking, put out my cigarette and walk back over to them.

Kayden is hanging his head, his shoulders are slumped and he's picking at his fingers.  Then I spot the source of his misery.  Kaci is sitting on the lap of the guy with the collar, feeding him egg.  Unrequited love.  I know how that feels.  I should be glad that she's not his girlfriend but watching him mope over her is actually worse.  Trent has disappeared.

I turn the radio on, I need a distraction.  The DJ announces it's the love hour.  Oh great!  Kayden raises his head.  "Will you dance with me Savannah?"  An hour ago I would have jumped at the chance, but not now.  He only wants to dance with me because he can't have Kaci.  I shake my head.  His eyes drop to his hands and he resumes picking at his fingers.

Trent returns with another plastic bottle full of hooch.  I told my mug out to him for a top up.  Kaci is now snogging her boyfriend, Kayden is still moping over over and I don't want to watch this anymore.  I mouth to Trent, "Do you want to dance?"

He nods his head and grins as he takes my hand.  Kayden's head snaps up and I hear him gasp as Trent and I start moving to the music.  I can feel tears pricking at my eyes but I'm not going to make a fool of myself by crying in front of him.  I lose myself in the music, the hooch is certainly helping, I'm beginning to feel better and am starting to enjoy myself.  The song ends but I don't want to stop, so I keep swaying with Trent till the next song begins.  I'm not in the mood for conversation but he starts talking and I can't ignore him.  "Thanks for the food Miss."

"You're welcome."

"I hope Clay didn't upset you Miss.  It's not you, he doesn't like any humans."

"Is Clay the guy with the collar," I whisper.  He nods and I glance across at Clay.  He's wrapped himself around Kaci and he's actually smiling.

The song ends and I bend down to pick up my mug of hooch. I'm still holding Trent with my other hand; I'm not ready to stop dancing yet. I take a big gulp of the hooch and put my arms around trent as the next song begins.

"TRENT!" We both jump and look towards Kayden who is now standing up, his fists clenched and glaring murderously at Trent.  He snarls at him, "Trent, sit the fuck down."

Trent looks at me.  "I'd better not dance with you because...," he nods towards Kayden.  Sitting down I knock back the remainder of my hooch.  I should be feeling drunk.  I wish I were, but I'm not.  Trent throws more logs on the fire.  He doesn't seem bothered by the way Kayden spoke to him.  He's laughing and joking with Clay.  Kayden is staring into the fire, his face sullen.

Michelle Abbott lives in the UK and hates describing herself in 3rd person. She's a self-published author of new adult romance, and likes to write about heroes who begin as the underdog and are protective of their girl. She's an avid reader of romance, is addicted to coffee and loves wine and chocolate, so yeah, not the most healthy eating and drinking habits :-) She spends way too much time online when she should be writing. She collects teddy bears and occasionally knits a couple of rows on a sweater she started years ago, which she may eventually finish in time to wear for her funeral :-)

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Release day blitz for ever after

About The Book:

You fell in love with Tristan and Nina in Crash Into Me, cheered for them as they fought to stay together in Fall Into Me, and watched them finally achieve their happy ending in Give In To Me. For all the fans of the Heart of Stone series who wondered if Tristan's dream at the end of Give In To Me came true, this is for you. Join Tristan and Nina one more time and see how their happily ever after turns out. 

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K.M. Scott writes erotic contemporary romance and thinks she has the best job in the world! A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she loves to write sexy Alpha heroes and the strong women they fall hard for, giving them stories that keep her readers turning the page until the very end. When she's not writing, she can be found reading or feeding her TV addiction, always with a tall glass of iced tea (or a martini) by her side. Fans can find her on Facebook, Twitter, her blog, or through email, which she loves to receive.


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Author: K.M. Scott
Genre: Erotica

Temptation (Club X #1) coming July 13

Surrender (Club X #2) coming October 2014

Possession (Club X #3) coming January 2015

Covers by: Cover Me Darling

Club X Series Blub:

Money, sex, secret desires.  Welcome to Club X, Tampa's exclusive club dedicated to making fantasies come true.  Meet the owners, tattooed, pierced, and built to please, they're three of the city's most eligible bachelors.

Cassian, the public face of Club X, seems to love the life of excess he leads, but beneath the surface craves something more.  Is Olivia strong enough to handle the man he is when the suit comes off?

Stefan, the club's manager, thinks every woman is his for the taking, but he may have just met his match in Shay.  Will this player finally lose when it matters most?

Kane, half-brother to Cassian and Stefan, he's big, bad and dangerous, like the life he's led. Resigned to a life alone, he hides his heart, but for Abbi, he might take the chance at love again.

Temptation (Club X #1) coming July 2013

Temptation Synopsis:

Cassian March, the public face of Tampa's most exclusive nightspot, Club X, loves his life. Women, sex, and money are his for the taking, and no man indulges his desires more. He lives by only one rule—never let a woman get close.

Olivia Lucas needs a job, and if that means working at a club that specializes in making fantasies come true, then that's what she'll do. A girl's got to pay the rent, right? She never expected to fall for the gorgeous owner of Club X, though, but a man like him would never go for someone like her. Or would he?

Surrounded by fantasy, can they find love, or will their fears hold them back?

Surrender (Club X #2) coming Oct 2014

Possession (Club X #3) coming Jan 2015!

Author Bio:

K.M. Scott writes erotic contemporary romance and thinks she has the best job in the world! A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she loves to write sexy Alpha heroes and the strong women they fall hard for, giving them stories that keep her readers turning the page until the very end. When she's not writing, she can be found reading or feeding her TV addiction, always with a tall glass of iced tea (or a martini) by her side. Fans can find her on Facebook, Twitter, her blog, or through email, which she loves to receive.

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RELEASE DAY BLITZ and GIVEAWAY: Convincing Constance by Tabatha Vargo



        Turned out Gary Steele from Music Line did have a job for me.  I almost lost my shit when he said Blow hole was looking for a replacement guitarist to finish their tour with them.  Fucking Blow Hole!  As in some of my favorite music to play.  
          I knew the chords to their songs better than any other band.  I liked their sound and I'd always been able to pick up their pace right away.  I could hardly believe my luck.  So when he told me they wanted me to come to their condo in Los Angeles to audition, I was all over that shit.
         I called Shay to bring me some gas money, told her why I needed it, listened to her scream on the other line, and then i drove entirely too fast to the address Gary gave me.  I pulled up around the corner and changed my clothes in the backseat of my car before going inside the massive building the boys lived in.
         When i finally made it to the top floor, I stood in front of the door and convinced myself that ringing the doorbell was the best thing I could do no matter how badly my nerves were jumping around.  I'd never auditioned before since I'd never played for any other reason than I loved it, and I couldn't lie.  I was scared.
       When I finally worked up the nerve, I reached out and rang the doorbell.  I stood there waiting for someone to answer the door, but no one came.  I rang the bell once more, and the door opened quickly.
         "Can I help you?"  It was Finn, the lead singer.
          Everyone who loved music knew who Finn was.  His voice was soulful.  When he sang, he put so much emotion behind it you could almost believe he was living his lyrics.  He was raspy and deep, and I'd be lying if I said he wasn't attractive.
          He was taller in person, and honestly, I expected more muscles, but that didn't take away from his eyes or those lips that girls seemed to get wet over.  He leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed.  A black shirt with cut-off sleeves covered his chest yet revealed his tatted arms, and a pair of drawstring sweats hung from his hips with loose ties that brought my eyes to his crotch.
          Quickly, I looked back up at him and my cheeks turned red when his expression told me he'd caught me looking.  Turning away, I adjusted my guitar case and shook the thoughts from my head.  I wasn't one to get star struck... ever, but Finn was the real deal.
          Looking back up at him, the question in his eyes told me I needed to speak or he was going to close the door in my face.
          I'm here for the audition."  My voice cracked and I wanted to slap myself.
          I needed to snap out of it.
          I adjusted the guitar strap on my shoulder to show him I wasn't messing around.
          "You're kidding, right?"  His right brow popped up in challenge.
          I didn't have time for the whole females can't play bullshit I knew was coming.  So I went in for the kill.
          "Do I look like I'm kidding?  Is the work jokester tattooed across my forehead?  yes, I'm a chick.  I have tits and a clit, but I have bigger balls than any man you know, and I can play the fuck out of a guitar.  Now are you going to keep wasting my time, or are you going to invite me in to play?"
          His mouth popped open in a wide, shocked smile.  Then he chuckled to himself and stepped aside.
          "Then by all means, come in."
          The space was sleek and clean considering it was the home of a bunch of rockers.  Abstract red-and-black paintings of different instruments covered white walls, and the place smelled like pot and beer.
          The place was huge.  I followed behind Finn through three sets of doors until we were in a sitting room, and then I set my guitar case on the counter that split living room from the kitchen.
          A white, leather section filled the room.  Eyes stared back at me as I entered behind Finn and instantly I recognized the drummer, Chet, and the bass player, Tiny.  Finn left the room, leaving me in a silent uncomfortable moment.
          Taking a seat on the edge of the couch, I kept my bitch face on.  chet grinned at me from across the room and nodded at me as he licked his lips.  His tongue piercing clicked against his teeth.  He was the colorful one of the group.  Tattoos and piercings everywhere.  I did, however, seriously dig his fauxhawk.
          I'd been looking at him too long, and he was enjoying the attention.  He was definitely the playboy of the group.  I'd heard the rumors about him and how he struck his cock in anything wet.  I rolled my eyes and turned my head, and then my eyes connected with the bass player's.
          Tiny's name was a joke considering there was nothing small about the man.  He was huge.  His thick tattooed arms were crossed.  A look of absolutely no tolerance was plastered on his face.  Quiet and mysterious was his game.  Every band had one, and I usually dealt best with them, but something about the way he looked at me made me feel nervous.
          His dark-brown hair was buzzed short and faded into as set a sideburns that melted into his light mustache and goatee.  My eyes shifted to his lips and again, I wanted to slap myself.  It was unlike me to even notice the things I'd noticed since I stepped into the den of sin, also known as the home of Blow Hole, and I wasn't about to let the disgusting pheromones that lingered in the air get to me.
          Tiny's dark, angry eyes dug into mine and I suddenly felt exposed.  I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair to make sure I had no strays poking out, and the I turned away from him.  Even without looking at him, I could feel his gaze in the side of my face.  I didn't like it.
          Just when I was close to telling him off, Finn came back into the room and crashed onto the couch.  Behind him, Zeke, the lead guitarist, came limping in.  A cast covered his picking hand and instantly I felt for him.  I couldn't imagine what it would be like to not be able to play.  He looked at me in confusion as he sat down.
          As far as I was concerned, Zeke was one of the best guitarists I'd ever heard.  His technique was unusual, but the sounds that came from his strings were amazing.  I'd practiced his sound since the first time I'd heard them play on the radio.  I'd once see them from afar in concert at a bar in Los Angeles, but the boys were playing bigger venues these days.
          "So where's the replacement guitarist?  Zeke asked in aggravation.  
          The room filled with laughter like I was a joke, and it pissed me off.  I stood and crossed my arms to show them I wasn't dicking around.
          "That would be me," I said sternly.
          Zeke looked me up and down without a drop of sexual awareness in his gaze, and I appreciated the fact that he was simply sizing me up, not checking me out.  It probably had something to do with the petite blond that had followed him into the room.
          "Is that so?" he asked.
          He was acting cocky, and honestly, he had every right to be.
          "Yep.  Want me to play or what?" I asked.
          Everything depended on this job and while I knew some would call me stupid for being such a bitch, I knew the boys would appreciate it.  I'd been a part of their world before.  I knew all about the girls that chased rockers around with their legs open.  I was sure it was refreshing to have a woman in their presence who didn't drool all over them.  I'd definitely checked them out, but I wasn't the drooling type.  Not to mention, I knew band boys weren't for me--at all.
          Zeke looked around the room at the rest of the guys.  "Is this some kind of joke?" he asked.
          Again, the boys burst out in laughter, which did nothing but make me madder.
          "It's not a fucking joke.  Quit being a chauvinistic asshole.  Either you want me to fucking play or not.  say something and quit wasting my goddamn time," I snapped.
          His stern expression cracked into an appreciative smile.  "Then play," he said with a careless shrug.
          Stepping over to my guitar case, I flipped it open and pulled out my baby.  It was candy apple-red Les Paul from my dad.  I barely played it, but I thought of this audition as a special occasion.  The boys of Blow Hole didn't need to see my normal guitar.
          I strapped it on, took a deep breath, and began to play.  My fingers dug into the strings and I closed my eyes and let go of everything.  Rips and grinds filled the condo, bouncing off the walls and shaking the windows.  I mimicked Zeke's playing perfectly.  I even ripped through his unique chords that other guitarists seem to have a hard time with.
          I played an entire song and no one stopped me.  When I was done, I unhooked the strap and set my guitar back in its case.  The room around me was silent, and when I looked up, looks of shock stared back at me.
          The only girl in the room, the tiny blonde with ice-blue eyes, began to clap.
          "That was amazing!" she said with a smile.
          I nodded at her compliment and turned my attention back to Zeke.  He stared at me with angry eyes.  That was his thing.  I don't think I'd ever seen a real smile from him ever.
          "What did you say your name was again?" he asked.
          " I didn't.  No one bothered to ask.  My name's Constance," I responded.
          He looked around the room and then back at me.  The side of h is mouth lifted in an almost grin.  "Well, Constance, welcome to Blow Hole."


 Blow Hole Lyrics

"The Addict"

The addiction you bring
It's more than I can stand
Feeling your soulful depth
Why can't you understand?
Bound by sick desires
Reaching for your sin
Body breathing fire
And I can't let you in

Drugs don't fail me now
For she's forever gone
Despising all her strength
Against all that I've done wrong
Numb my aching heart
I'll never be brand new
Finding who I am
In the high that comes from you

I'm addicted to your smile
Withdrawals and frowns are me
Knocked down and I am vile
While you're forever free
Needing you right here
Jonesing for a dose
Panic turns to fear
Longing for your ghost

Drugs down fail me now
For she's forever gone 
Despising her strength
Against all that I've done wrong
Numb my aching heart
I'll never be brand new
Finding who I am
In the high that comes from you

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